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Road Trip


The day after school my dad, brother, and I embarked on a 3,900 mile road trip.We started by driving through Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and Oregon. At last we made it to Seattle, Washington. Reaching Seattle took over 24 hours!

One of my favorite things to do in Seattle was to visit Pike Place Market. Pike Place Market is a block that has almost anything you could want. We went there for breakfast every day. Some of the food we ate there was pork steam buns,sushi, crumpets, piroshki, raw oysters, and steamed mussels.

After all the fun in Seattle we drove back to Oregon. In Oregon we visited our friends Alex and Charlie in Portland. They took us to a lot of cool places, but my favorite thing was just hanging out with them.

Next we drove to Eugene to visit our Aunt Susan, Uncle Don, and Cousin Cole. My favorite part of visiting them was playing with Cole, who is four. We played in the mud, built Legos, and played chase.

When we were driving through the Redwoods we saw a sign for The Trees of Mystery. We got off on the exit and saw a huge Paul Bunyan Babe. We saw a tree that had 12 trees growing off of it! The next stop we made was driving through a Redwood tree.

When we reached San Diego we said hi to Grandma Kriss, Aunt Vonjia, Aunt Tanya, Uncle George, and Gram. Later that day we went to the beach and Boogie Boarded. After we left the beach my throat was raw from salt water. The next day was uneventful.

On Tuesday we went to LegoLand California. I loved the minifigure trading, rides and Lego miniland. My favorite ride was the Dragon roller coaster. To cap it all off I got two awesome Lego sets.

After all the fun on the road trip I hated to admit that I wanted to go home. Dad, Ezra, and I had a discussion and decided to start driving to Denver the following day. On our way home we went through the Mojave desert. It was so hot I thought I might melt all over the pavement.

When we got home I started to miss the ocean. Being landlocked sucks! I also missed our friends and family, but there’s no place like home

Once again my dad brings the art of secret birthday celebrations down to a science. The birthday grand master supreme will be taking me to the Apex Center, not to be confused with Apex Movement. I will be playing on one of the coolest indoor play sets in Alaska and Colorado. I will also play in a swimming play area to rival ones I have played on previously. I wish you all a good day and look foreword to opening your sensational presents.

A few days ago I was lucky enough to get free tickets to an intense basketball game. The two teams were the Denver Nuggets and the Milwaukee Bucks. To make my experience even better I had seats three rows behind the court side. Over all, this was the ultimate first professional sports game.